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By Matt Johanson and Wylie Wong

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An old gangster becomes a gangbuster. A pitcher inspires his two daughters to become professional athletes. Two best friends split apart, only to separately land behind bars. Giants: Where Have You Gone? reconnects readers to San Francisco players of the past, especially those whose lives took dramatic turns.

Willie McCovey struggles to heal his ruined knees. Orlando Cepeda finds peace through Buddhism after a drug conviction and prison term. Will Clark, learning that his son is autistic, goes to bat for other children with the brain disorder.

Relive the drama of Giants players' careers, with commentary from Felipe Alou, Dusty Baker, Lon Simmons and Hank Greenwald. Reacquaint yourself with up-close and personal portraits of the players’ current lives.

Jack "the Ripper" Clark did the unthinkable by joining the Los Angeles Dodgers as a coach. Fired by the team after a near-fatal motorcycle accident, he returns to Dodger-hating form. Bob Brenly discovers that even a World Series-winning manager can lose his job over a bad team.

Greg "the Moon Man" Minton renovates swimming pools and hunts elk with a bow. Joel Youngblood experiences the boom and bust of the dot-com economy, while Chris Brown avoids gunfire as a Halliburton truck driver in Iraq.

Touch base with coaches Mark Davis and Chris Speier for a glimpse into clubhouses in both leagues and a snapshot of the game in the early 21st Century.

Giants: Where Have You Gone? appeals to devoted and casual fans alike, with interests and lifestyles as diverse as the players profiled. It reads like a family history to fans of the San Francisco Giants.

Published by Sports Publishing LLC

Mike KrukowDave DraveckyMatt WilliamsJoel Youngblood

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