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About the authors

Wylie Wong and Matt JohansonWylie Wong has covered a small farm town in Washington state, the wacky politics of Berkeley and the rise and fall of dot-coms in Silicon Valley.

Wylie is a freelance writer, specializing in business and technology, but also writes about sports, education and travel. He previously spent four years as a reporter for CNET, where he covered software and communications companies, including Microsoft, Oracle and Cisco Systems.

In 2002, he won a national award for investigative reporting by the Society of Professional Journalists and was nominated for a Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism.

Wylie has worked for several daily newspapers, including the Contra Costa Times newspaper chain, where he covered the city of Berkeley, UC-Berkeley and environmental and Asian American issues. He previously created and edited Blast, the Irreverent Webzine, an online magazine with a heavy bent on humor and Asian American issues.

A San Francisco native and lifelong Giants fan, Wylie now resides in Chandler, Arizona with his wife Miiko.

Matt Johanson has taught social studies and journalism at Castro Valley High School since 1998. His writing career, though, dates back to 1988 when he began stringing sports stories for The Daily Review in Hayward.

After Matt graduated from San Francisco State University with a journalism degree in 1993, he worked for various Northern California newspapers and became an Arthur Burns Fellow in 1995. Matt started his career in education in 1996, returning to SFSU to earn a teaching credential and masters degree.

As a freelance journalist, he still contributes articles about sports, the outdoors, education and politics to newspapers including the San Francisco Chronicle, the Los Angeles Times, and the San Jose Mercury News.

Matt enjoys running, rock climbing, backpacking and skiing. He lives in Castro Valley with his wife Karen.