By Matt Johanson and Wylie Wong
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Book excerpts

Jack Clark  Matt Williams  John Montefusco
Jack Clark
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Matt Williams
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John Montefusco
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Who's featured in the book

Daryl Spencer: Big in Japan

Masanori Murakami: Trailblazer

Orlando Cepeda: "I opened my eyes"

Mike McCormick: "There is life after baseball"

Jim Davenport: Company Man

Gaylord Perry: The Spitters and the Skipper

Willie Mays: The Godfather

Juan Marichal: "Like Picasso"

Tito Fuentes: "Hot dog"

John D'Acquisto: "Sharks in the water"

Rob Andrews: Field of Dreamers

John Montefusco: "I've got a dream again"

Willie McCovey: Stretching for recovery

Jim Barr: Talent runs in the family

Frank Robinson: As Frank as ever

Jack Clark: "I'm not a Dodger"

Johnnie LeMaster: Bones, boos and God

Mark Davis: Teaching Baby 'Backs the ABCs

Chris Brown: Iraqi Road Warrior

Mark Grant: "Be yourself"

Greg Minton: The Moon Man Cometh

Bob Brenly: Diamondback in the rough

Joel Youngblood: Dot com, Dot bomb

Dave Dravecky: "How precious life is"

Chris Speier: "Jack of all trades"

Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper: Grabbing some pine with Kruk and Kuip

Kevin Mitchell: "O.G."

Bob Lurie: "It was time to move on"

Roger Craig: Tiger Trainer

Will Clark: "Daddy of the year"

Matt Williams: Walk on the "Positive" side

Brian Johnson: Starts 'em Up