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Book excerpt

John Montefusco: "I've got a dream again"

The time felt like an eternity to the man who was once a flamboyant baseball star. Weeks passed before he could bring himself to eat much of the jail's food. Montefusco was once dragged into a fight, he said, landing him in the J-pod solitary lock-up for three days. Yet solitary confinement was a brief relief from the pressure of living among the other inmates.

"Every hour was like a day, every day like a week, and so on and so on," he said. "You had to keep your eyes open and your mouth shut. I got beat up a couple of times. It wasn't nice."

Years after his release, the experience still haunts him. "I still have nightmares about it," Montefusco said. "It has not gone away from me, and I don't think it will ever go away from me. Those two years I never thought I'd get through."

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